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Grey Panther Management Testimonials


“If "Lottie" was a word in the English Dictionary, it would represent a culmination of Success, Leadership, Meticulousness, Empathy and Understanding.


Lottie's intuition is an incredible tool in itself. She has the ability to leverage technology, both high tech and low tech to achieve the set goal.


Lottie doesn't stop when that goal has been realised. She ensures that her work is sustainable, understandable, and supported; Yet this one of many reasons to get to know her.”

“Lottie has worked with myself and my teams across many different areas over the years. She has run team building events, facilitated our team meetings, carried out assessments, delivered team leadership coaching. I have enjoyed working with her on all levels as Lottie has a great sense of people, their skills, development areas and strengths. She is very open, direct and to the point. This helps to identify opportunities and issues fast and to work on them and improve or strengthen them on a personal as well as team level. I recommend working with Lottie and have really enjoyed these past years.”

“I've worked with Lottie for 3 years now and she has facilitated team meetings for 3 entire different teams that I've managed. She very quickly gets the team dynamic but does not only understand the individual drivers and overall limitations to team effectiveness, but she also has a broad set of tools to have the teamwork on fun exercises to make the flaws of a team very visible to the team and then offer some other tools and practices on how to improve. And here's the best thing of all: it works out!”

“I met Lottie in October 2016 when she supported my newly formed team's "bonding". The 2 days we spent with Lottie was a great investment that helped the team evolve and be "at best". We used DISC assessment followed by a series of exercises to understand each other better and learn how to best work together. I would also like to call out the great method called Lego Serious Play that helped us visualize and prioritize our needs and strategy. I still go back to using Lego for expressing and organizing my thoughts. Looking at models to keep the right focus and motivation. For the last year, I worked with Lottie as my personal coach. I really admire her energy and professionalism. She creates a great atmosphere with an individual approach to support self-development. I highly recommend Lottie.”

“Lottie, as she truly takes the time to get to know the individual, understands personal styles, focuses on objectives, is challenging and crucially tailors her coaching to meet individual needs - no one size fits all with Lottie! She also tailors the way in which coaching is delivered according to individual preferences. In addition, she is extremely flexible, changes course when required, is always available for advice outside of the formal sessions and she genuinely wants to help individuals achieve their goals at all levels. She puts in much personal time and effort, goes above and beyond and there is a feeling that your success is her success. Lottie's support has been invaluable to me and if focus on achieving success and a real focus on outcomes is important to you then Lottie is the one who can help you deliver that. The time spent with Lottie has been enjoyable, productive and delivers results!”

“Lottie not only fully delivered on the high expectations I had, but exceeded them! Her assessments and feedback were spot-on right from the start, and she skillfully led me to find different answers than the obvious ones. Our interactions were very open, enjoyable, to the point, and always provided me new insights to go work with. If you're looking for a very effective executive coach, I highly recommend working with Lottie.”

“Lottie’s opened up a new perspective of how we view customers and they view us.”

“Really fun relaxed training. Lots of opportunities to engage in a comfortable environment. Lots of ideas on how to put in place better practices.”

“Another great engaging training session from Lottie. Lottie put me at ease throughout allowing me to feel comfortable enough to participate fully.”

“Lottie has also provided executive coaching session for me over the last 3 years and helped me work through several professional challenges in this time period. Her ability to help me self reflect and see through complex interhuman interaction has made the difference.”

“Lottie had a reputation for delivering great feedback on customer service. We frequently have to find out the strength of our client's customer service offering, and so I have recommended Lottie's services to clients on this basis, and the feedback we have had is excellent and extremely valuable to our clients. I'd recommend Grey Panther every time.”

"There are no words to express how thankful I am to Lottie for being part of my personal and professional journey.  Thank you for your wisdom and patience. Under your expert eye, I have learned many things about myself and became a better person and employee. I know that sessions with you helped me succeed and that I could not have made it without you."

 "The standard of work delivered by Lottie is exceptionally high. She engages both with individuals and the whole group within her training, providing them critical learnings and insights about their own abilities and also how those enable the achievements of a leadership team together. The training that Lottie Skuthe-Cook has provided to the Professional Services Leaders within Incopro has enhanced their abilities as leaders, growing and supporting their teams – with the end result of excellent customer feedback and well-rounded teams that communicate well, are motivated and high performing. Her training has equally influenced the professional development of several Sub Team Leaders resulting in their promotion to Team Leaders, on the basis of their greater knowledge and understanding resulting from training delivered by Lottie."

"Lottie was extremely impactful to the Customer Experience team in EMEAR. We were going through a large transformation and wanted to ensure our managers felt comfortable with the change and were able to lead their teams through uncertain times. Lottie delivered multiple innovative workshops, large and smaller group sessions, 1:1 coaching and peer learning pods Lego Serious Play was a great success and really helped everyone be able to speak up and be heard. Lottie builds trust very easily and enables teams to build a trust-based operating model to achieve great things. She is also able to engage with multiple cultures and organisations. We were extremely pleased with the results and the feedback from the managers was excellent."

"Lottie is an excellent executive and professional coach. For me personally, Lottie has been my trusted advisor and coach for the past six years and has helped me make some bold steps to further my career, navigate through some personal and professional challenges and above all has helped me reach my full potential. I have also engaged Lottie as a coach for many of my senior team members. A recent example was to help my senior leaders navigate through the additional pressures of COVID 19 and transitioning to remote working. Lottie has also supported the team through 360 feedback sessions which helped them accept and address feedback and take their careers forward to the next level."

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