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Grey Panther Management Sales and Customer Relations Development

Sales and Customer Relations Development

Today’s consumers demand a lot from your business, and delivering a great product or service just isn’t enough. The customer experience you provide is your key to growth, and you need to make sure the whole customer journey is a great one - from learning about you to buying from you, to what happens after you’ve sold to them. 


This means now more than ever; you need to invest in creating an exceptional customer experience by developing and empowering your sales and customer relations teams to step up and exceed your customers’ expectations at every step of their journey.


Building strong sales and customer relations teams is a great way to develop customer loyalty and retain valuable, long-term customers. So, if you're looking to improve customer relationships at your company, we might be able to help.

How Can Grey Panther Management Help?

At Grey Panther Management, we can help you develop your sales and customer relations teams so they’re fully resourced to manage the demands placed on them. We help you optimise your sales process and ensure the highest standards are met across your organisation so that you can deliver excellence in customer experience. 


Our bespoke training and development programmes encourage your sales and customer relations teams to work together as one, so your customers’ path from the first contact to retention is an outstanding one. 


We’ll help you increase your profitability, improve efficiency and client retention at every stage of the sales cycle.


Services we might deliver as part of a bespoke sales and customer services development training package for your business include:


  • Customer loyalty and retention training

  • Customer service excellence training

  • Emotional intelligence development

  • The art of giving and receiving feedback

  • Internal and external customer care training

  • Training to develop excellence in communication

  • Effective complaint handling training

  • Training in how to deliver effective customer feedback

Our experience

With over 20 years of experience in sales and customer relations development, we are uniquely placed to support you develop a specifically tailored training and development programme to help your business and your people. 


Here are a few words that our clients have used to describe our sales and customer service training...


Innovative, Enlightening, Surprising, Motivating, Friendly, Informative, Excellent, Brilliant!

Sales and Customer Relations Development

And some comments on our programmes…

“Lottie had a reputation for delivering great feedback on customer service.
We frequently have to find out the strength of our client's customer service offering, and so I have recommended Lottie's services to clients on this basis, and the feedback we have had is excellent and extremely valuable to our clients. I'd recommend Grey Panther every time.”

“Lottie’s opened up a new perspective of how we view customers and they view us.”

“Really fun relaxed training. Lots of opportunities to engage in a comfortable environment. Lots of ideas on how to put in place better practices.”

“Another great engaging training session from Lottie. Lottie put me at ease throughout allowing me to feel comfortable enough to participate fully.”

“Very interesting different perspectives shown.”

“Lottie delivers training that gets to the heart of the business needs, ensures buy in from all participants, and delivers actual behavioural changes. Training and coaching with honesty, passion - underpinned with buckets of emotional intelligence.”

If you’d like a chat to see how we can help you, please get in touch.

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