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Leadership and Team Development

We believe that your organisation stands or falls on the quality of your leaders, and without investing in leadership, as a business, you’ll find it hard to fulfil your true potential. And it’s not just your leaders; your whole business needs high performing teams to thrive. 

So, at Grey Panther Management, we work in true partnership with you, your leaders and your teams to develop innovative and inspiring leadership and team development programmes to help you nurture respectful, trusting and effective relationships that support all your people so that everyone can perform at their best.

How Can Grey Panther Management Help?

We’ll work with you to develop cohesive, focussed, high performing teams. We’ll help establish supportive team dynamics so all your team members can thrive, and we’ll also help your teams through times of change. We can help your teams with the challenges of new leadership, through the uncertainty of business transformation and with what can be an unsettling experience of moving between teams. 


Any challenges your teams are facing, there’ll be a way we can help.


All our solutions help your leaders and your teams see each other in a new light. We help build deeper understandings and put shared values at the forefront. We help you create teams where everyone's opinion is heard, respected and incorporated into decisions. We provide the language for all the team to communicate, solve problems and make decisions in a way that builds trust and cohesion throughout the team and your business.


" When we work both with a leader individually and their team directly, we achieve much deeper and more sustainable change for our clients."

We recognise that leadership brings huge rewards but also many challenges. We help you by supporting your management team to embrace what it means to lead, to see themselves in a new light and to understand that being an effective leader is an inside job. First, though, we believe that stepping up and being a great team leader comes from being comfortable leading yourself.

We provide all the practical skills and training to help your leaders do just that. We help new leaders step up to the demands of their new roles, we help experienced leaders transition to new positions within the business, and we support your leaders who are moving on. We also provide ongoing support to your leaders to help them manage the day to day challenges of leading a team and a business. 


But of course, it’s not just about your leaders; we’re here to help you develop your teams too. Again, our work is based on understanding and supporting the individual first and empowering them to become part of a cohesive, supportive team in which everyone is valued and where everyone understands their role and how critical they are to the success of your business. 

Our experience

Lottie Skuthe-Cook leads Grey Panther Management's Leadership and Team development work, supported by a team of highly experienced associates if the project requires additional resources.


Based in the UK, Lottie has worked cross-culturally to develop leaders and their teams worldwide for over 20 years. As well as practical experience in developing and implementing leadership and team development programmes, she also uses the following leadership and team development tools and systems to support her work.

Lottie is:

  • Accredited for DISC personality profiling and Hogan Assessment Systems personality profiling.

  • Qualified in Hogan 360, aps Reflections 360 and aps High Performing Team Assessment.

  • Certified in the Dynamics of High Performing Teams with Management Dynamics.

  • A qualified 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team facilitator.

  • Certified to conduct StandOut Results feedback and Coach to the TMBC model.

  • Has successfully completed part I of ‘Essentials of Systemic Coaching and Constellations’ (John Wittington).

  • Trained in “Unlocking EQ” with six seconds – the Emotional Intelligence Network.

  • A certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator!

Leadership and Team Development.jpg

But Lottie’s more than the letters after her name. Of course, they show you she’s got the skills to help, but we want you to hear what others have got to say.


Here’s some client feedback on our leadership and team development training programmes...

"Great experience,
very motivating.”

"An understanding of where the team are on the DiSC was really helpful, as this shows where we could grow as a team.”

“Great facilitation and team engagement. Helps a lot to think about personal improvement.”

“Absolutely brilliant workshop.


And some powerful testimonials from long-term clients...

“Lottie has worked with myself and my teams across many different areas over the years. She has run team building events, facilitated our team meetings, carried out assessments, delivered team leadership coaching. I have enjoyed working with her on all levels as Lottie has a great sense of people, their skills, development areas and strengths. She is very open, direct and to the point. This helps to identify opportunities and issues fast and to work on them and improve or strengthen them on a personal as well as team level. I recommend working with Lottie and have really enjoyed these past years.”

“I met Lottie in October 2016 when she supported my newly formed team's "bonding". The 2 days we spent with Lottie was a great investment that helped the team evolve and be "at best". We used DISC assessment followed by a series of exercises to understand each other better and learn how to best work together. I would also like to call out the great method called Lego Serious Play that helped us visualize and prioritize our needs and strategy. I still go back to using Lego for expressing and organizing my thoughts. Looking at models to keep the right focus and motivation. For the last year I worked with Lottie as my personal coach. I really admire her energy and professionalizm. She creates a great atmosphere with an individual approach to support self development. I highly recommend Lottie.”

“I've worked with Lottie for 3 years now and she has facilitated team meetings for 3 entire different teams that I've managed. She very quickly gets the team dynamic but does not only understand the individual drivers and overall limitations to team effectiveness, but she also has a broad set of tools to have the teamwork on fun exercises to make the flaws of a team very visible to the team and then offer some other tools and practices on how to improve. And here's the best thing of all: it works out!”

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help with your leadership and team development, please get in touch.

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