• Performance coaching

  • Leadership & team development

  • Customer relations consulting

At Grey Panther Management, everything we do has a customer relations focus.  We look at problems from a different angle and facilitate the solution, whether that be through performance coaching, leadership and team development or customer relations consulting.  


Our core values of trust, honesty and respect are evident in the way we work with our clients, design solutions and measure success.


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Grey Panther Management is an independent professional services consultancy specialising in helping businesses improve and boost their profitability, staff performance and to build strong relations with their customers and other key stakeholders...



We provide performance coaching, leadership and team development and customer relations consultancy to our clients...

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We would love to discuss your individual business requirements, regardless of how large or small your project may be...

"Lottie  has run team building events, facilitated our team meetings, carried out assessments, delivered team leadership coaching and also worked as my personal Executive Coach since spring 2012. I have enjoyed working with her on all levels as Lottie has a great sense for people, their skills, development areas and strengths. She is very open, direct and to the point. This helps to identify opportunities and issues fast and to work on them and improve or strengthen them on a personal as well as team level. I recommend working with Lottie and have really enjoyed these past years."

Senior Director, Global IT and Networking Provider

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