Are you striving to:


Fine-tune your interpersonal skills, boost your confidence or advance your communication skills?


Be an outstanding and inspirational leader?


Be able to motivate and build productive teams?


Or simply confide in someone who understands the challenges you're facing...



Leadership & Team Development


Our work with leadership and team development is an excellent compliment to our performance coaching - often we will work with a leader individually through performance coaching, whilst at the same time working with their team to focus on their effectiveness, productivity and performance.  We work to enable teams to grow, for leaders to be a true part of the team and to ensure the success of the team...

Customer Relations


Grey Panther Management helps organisations and business leaders optimise their sales process, improve customer relatioms and ensure the highest quality and standards across their organisation.


Our methodologies and programmes help increase profitability, improve efficiency and client retention throughout the sales cycle. Our sales optimisation and customer loyalty programmes give our clients the tools to better manage the sales cycle and measure their customer care efforts...

Sales Negotiator,

National Home Building Company

I would highly recommend Lottie to anyone looking for an inspirational and engaging training session. Lottie’s delivers with such passion and enthusiasm and can really hold her audience. I have personally found that I have benefited from Lottie’s expertise and will retain all the advice and help that she has provided to me."