Leadership & Team Development



" When we work both with a leader individually and their team directly, we achieve much deeper and more sustainable change for our clients."


Using tools such as DiSC, 5 Behaviours, Hogan and Lego Serious Play we develop skills such as emotional intelligence and self awareness in teams.  We work together with leaders to design development activities which meet their goals and create truly cohesive, high performing teams.  Our work with leadership and team development is an excellent complement to our performance coaching - often we will work with a leader individually through performance coaching, whilst at the same time working with their team to focus on their effectiveness, productivity and performance. 


We believe that organisations stand or fall on the quality of their leaders. Leadership is a critical enabling factor and without investing in it, organisations will not fulfil their potential. We help people define themselves as leaders and supply them with the practical skills and knowledge that support them in being the best they can be.


Our tools provide the language for people in a team - bosses and workers - to communicate, solve problems and make decisions in a way that also builds more trust throughout of the team. Our solutions create opportunities for all parties to see each other in a new light, building understanding and shared values. Assuring that everyone's opinion is heard, respected and incorporated in decisions is at the very heart of our development approach.

"Lottie is a versatile, experienced, highly competent coach and facilitator.  She has demonstrated impact with clients with a variety of personality styles across a wide range of industry sectors and organisational levels. The teams she coaches and facilitates appreciate her energetic style, candour, and ability to get results."


Kate Warren, Director, Brightlife

"I've worked with Lottie for 3 years now and she has facilitated team meetings for three entirely different teams that I've managed. She very quickly gets the team dynamic and not only does she understand the individual drivers and overall limitations of team effectiveness, she also has a broad set of tools to have the team work on fun exercises. These make the flaws of a team very visible to everyone and then offer some other tools and practices on how to improve. And here's the best thing of all: it works!"


Director, Global IT and Networking Provider

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